RetailMeNot: Profile and Activity Feed Explorations

RetailMeNot has always had an active and engaged community of deal contributors, but in the fall of 2015 a product team set out to find out why the community engagement and brand affinity didn't extend to the deal seekers.
To most deal seekers, RetailMeNot was known as "the purple app" or as one user said, "RetailWhatever"

Where We Started

Through a series of internal and external stakeholder interviews, the team realized that most users did not know that offers were added to RetailMeNot by other savers. Knowing which offers were from the community made most deal seekers more inclined to leave positive feedback when the offer worked.

Create an Account Flow

Building an Activity Feed

The team then built a prototype to test with deal seakers. Areas that we wanted to know more about were the power of social signals on a deals site, the interest in an activity feed, and if we could create an experience that connected savers in a meaningful way.

Global Profile Bar

Social Signals on Offers Screen


Activity Feed

Social Signals in Activity Feed

Updated Deal Contributor Experience

What has been built to date is a consolidated account area where deal seakers can find all of their offers and rebates in one place. More iterations are to come.